Why do oranges taste so much better when I'm sick with a cold than when I'm healthy?

When I'm healthy and I have fresh orange, I'll suck out the juice and maybe eat a little of the pulp, as they don't taste as good. But when I'm sick with a cold, I tear into oranges and eat each piece in basically a bite or 2.

heart o' gold

Probably because your body instinctively recognizes the food it needs when you are sick.

Peter Miller

They're a good source of vitamin C, which is good for your immune system. Your body is smart about these things in complex ways.


Vitamin C and tartness When you are sick your taste buds are messy, tartness tastes so good to the body then!

Pearl L

nnaybe cause you need thenn nnore when youre sick


some are sweeter than others and when we're ill our taste buds are altered