How would few baked goods be when broth is used instead of water?

Or how would it fail? Breads... Anything else fitting...

Nikki P

Depending on what you are making it would either enhance the flavor or in some cases you may not even notice a difference. I have made pastry and used lemon juice and sometimes limencello in place of water. That does enhance the lemon that I am trying to get in the dessert. When I make bread I doubt the 1 cup of fluid I use would change the taste of the bread if I were to use chicken broth. The broth itself is pretty mild in flavor. But using stronger flavored liquids like a juice would make a difference. I have a cake recipe that calls for orange juice and that does indeed flavor the cake.


breads or biscuits would be good. Depending on how strong the broth is, you may not even taste it.


Could be really good.. You would need to be cautious about salt content.

james l

are you retarded ? that would be disgusting