For cold weather what is your chili choice and what was the ingredient that attracted you best?



If it is available about 8 oz. of possum meat sweetens it a bit.

Question Queen

White bean chicken chili from Trader Joe's.


Cold weather I like to use the cheaper cuts of beef that have more fat and gristle. I cut the pieces a bit larger. The gristle dissolves in tasty collagens and the fat gives more energy. I like seeing the bright red fat along the rim of bowl!

Adam D

I don't really change my chili based on the weather. I use ground beef, or if I have deer meat I'll use half beef half deer. I only use black beans because my wife doesn't care for other varieties. The best ingredients are the spices and chili's used. You want a little heat, but there is no reason for something like chili to blow your hat off, that masks other good flavors. I mix the spices into the meat while frying it, then add more to the finished product.