I just grilled some beef directly on the electric stove element. It tastes great. Why aren't there any commercial designs for this?

' All electric stoves and ovens have a NiChrome wire inside a metal tube sheath with what appears to be a ceramic powder insulation. The stove elements, when on "High" get red hot. I fried some beef in a pan, removed it, saw the burner still a bit red & figured, what the heck. I slid it slowly, left then right a time or two to give it a grilled flavor. It turned out pretty good. Anyone ever seen an electric grill designed for that? .


George Foreman Grill


its not typically a good idea because you would have to remove the elements regularly for cleaning and they can be a pain to clean and you could end of damaging them over time. If you didn't clean them after every use they would become a fire risk as the oils and fats of food left on them could catch fire.


Dudes, your element will get crusty and nasty