My wife ate ice cream out of the carton while sick. Is the ice cream ruined? Possibly scrape a little off the top?



you do have an immune system, right? Did you avoid her or did you kiss her at all in that time? Sleep with her during that time(not sex, just sleep?) that means she breathed on you, possibly coughed on you, etc, etc. relax.


You aren’t guaranteed to get sick duh


Oh please, you're gonna be that worried about it? That's your wife, you sleep together and share a house. You're gonna come in contact with those germs man. Might as well just accept it, and give her a big ole smooch. But yeah I'm not doctor, so you don't have to listen to me. I'm just someone with a powerful immune system. And that's because I've never been scared of germs. The only way the body develops defenses to germs, is by coming into contact and fighting them. So as a child I had chicken pox, I got the flu, I had sore throat, I had all of it. But my body beat it all. And as a result I haven't really been sick at all over the last 10 years! But yeah, maybe others are different, idk. But from my personal experience the more germs you exposed to, the less you get sick. Ironic, I know.

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Yes, you will get a flesh eating bacteria worm in your brain, and it will slowly eat away at your soul.


Double dipping is not cool sick or not

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I wouldn't risk it. You could just have her finish it up.

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Na, it’s probably fine. The cold will take care of bacteria. But she shouldn’t be eating dairy products or sugar while sick...


I would buy another carton just for you. Just in case. Yeech!

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i wouldnt eat after her if shes sick, buy your own if you want to eat sonne