So i bought a bunch of ramen but they gross af how do i give them to sum broke mf or would it be better to throw em away i got em last month?



do NOT toss them. donate them to any food pantry or offer as a give away. there are lots of facebook groups for selling or giving away stuff. there is a site called Freecycle where you can also give away stuff.


AF? MF? Please elaborate for those of us who are not too lazy and pathetic to write and speak full words. There are recipes available for just the noodles and not the flavor packs. My local library is offering a fine forgiveness month in that they ate offering a dollar off per fine for an item brought in for the elementary school Backpack Program and one of the most wanted items is Ramen noodles. I thought I might cheap out and buy eight packets, spending only $2, to cover my $7.30 fine. ( Normally, I font let it get that high. However, a couple if weeks before my son was born on December 1, I checked out a few books knowing I would be in for a few weeks. Unfortunately, between forgetting to renew them, and to return them and story hour on hiatus, I forgot. I also had an interlibrary loan I forgot about.) Find other recipes, or donate them. Cook the noodles with another sauce-- pasta, sweet and sour, soy....

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Give them to the homeless.

Todd: OMG. Can you speak English? Answer

OMG. Can you speak English? Answer: cook them.


Take it to a local food bank or homeless shelter.