Some1 please Solve the mystery...I asked that my mocha frappe not to be as sweet and the guy said “so not as many pumps of mocha?” I said?

Yes and it was perfect so the next time I ordered I asked that they only put one pump of of mocha and it was just as sweet as before. So do they also add sugar separately or is it just included in the pump if so why was my one pump mocha soooooo sugary. I’m exhausted they always make my drink so sweet. Help?

Crim Liar

It depends on how they are making your Mocha! If they are doing it properly and the chocolate flavour is coming from base cocoa powder then you should just ask them not to put so much sugar in. The problem comes if they are using drinking chocolate to get the chocolate flavour as this also contains sugar(along with milk powder, preservatives and stabilizers).


you need to talk to the barista, not total strangers who have no clue where you are getting your frappe from, what country you are in, etc.

heart o' gold

As someone there exactly what goes into this drink and which ingredient the sugar is in. I have a niece who had her starbucks drink down so pat she would tell the barista how many pumps of what ingredient she wanted.


probably cause it all has sugar no nnatter how nnany punnps you put in it