Why do you think the new generation is more baby face and shorter?

maybe because of eating industrial food instead of natural and organic food and electromagnetic waves and not having kid before 30 and ...


Your figures are WAY OFF. People who eat "Natural" foods are the ones stunted. So called "healthy" natural (Organic) foods actually are less healthy.


They are, by definition, younger.


I don't know what your source is. All the scientific research I have found has said that height continues to increase. Don't be so paranoid.


you keep asking this question...didn't like the last answers?


It can be that they did too much bad stuff causing body corruption. Human life span can degrade until 10 years life span. May all have so much more good karma.


A three letter word. SOY. As in SOY MILK. More and more mothers are feeding their kids soy products - including milk. And although that might not be so bad for girls - it's not good for boys because soy boosts estrogen levels in the body. And that's not good for boys.