Am I not vegan if I killed a fly?

I also tortured the fly on accident by chasing it around with a flyswatter for a couple minutes, which is like 1/10 of its lifespan! Is this considered animal cruelty?!?! HELP!

G. Whilikers

But did you eat it?


You're probably going to be fine.

Gordon B

did you eat it? if you are worried about that you are maybe Buddhist.

Trivial One

As the central tenet of veganism is to not exploit animals, I don't see how you exploited the fly, so you did not violate the primary rule of veganism.


Seriously? Last inter we had mice problem. I had no reservations with buying D-Con and putting it where the mice could find it and the kids could not. Mice breed disease and eat everything. I also have no reservations with killing spiders and insects.


You’ve committed an act against Veganism. To purify yourself, you must eat artificial vegan food products and donate 50 cents to PETA.