What foods contain vitamin B12?


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The only foods that contain B12 in a form that humans can properly use are those from animals such as dairy, eggs, and meat. Although other foods do contain small amounts of B12 that occur naturally humans do not absorb them efficiently although if they are irradiated it increases the ability of humans to absorb them. These days many foods such as milk, both real and plant based, as well as other products are supplemented with B12 as well as D in order to insure that people meet their daily requirement.


The only foods that naturally contain vitamin B12 are animal foods, meat, dairy products and eggs. Many highly processed foods have manufactured B12 added. If you depend on those (cereal, yeast, soy "milk", etc) read the label to ensure that brand has added B12.


meat, eggs, dairy... there are foods that are synthetically fortified with it.


Only meat, eggs and dairy contains it naturally Many processed foods are enriched with it. Some places even enrich snacks like potatoe chips with B12 and other vitamins


rice milk


Naturally ... Meat and Dairy products. But it's added to many Cereals these days, as well as 'alternative' milk products .. and of course Yeast Extract (Marmite) with is a by-product of the brewing industry.


Although vitamin B-12 is an animal foodsource, some amount of this is produced inside the gut of every humans by coliform bacteria. That is the reason why tens of thousands of pure vegetarians still do not develop B-112 deficiency for quite an extended periods!

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https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/vitamin-b12-foods this site will give u guidelines for you....I have such a low level of Vit.B12...so have to get a shot in my arm every month for life* the pill form of B12 doesn't do it for me, they said I have to have it injected right into my muscle each month for my body to absorb it..as well as eating foods that help with B12 deficiency


meat, a little in eggs. Thats it. thats why vegans get their primary B12 by drinking alternative milks and eating cereals that have been fortified or adding Brewers yeast to their foods. https://ods.od.nih.gov/factsheets/vitaminb12-healthprofessional/

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Meat products. Proof we are designed to eat beasts.