Are toxins produced in all potatoes (eg. purple, sweet) or just white coloured potatoes?

Also, why do supermarkets never store potatoes under a sheet/cover? Don't they produce more toxins when exposed to light?


stores don't keep them that long to effect them. they are probably under cover in the back but keep in mind that a busy store has to restock daily. No time to turn green. the spuds are stored under cover in warehouses though.

Sarek of Vulcan

Despite their name, sweet potatoes are not potatoes at all because they don't belong to the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, They do not produce toxins, even when exposed to the light or when stored in other improper conditions. Actual potatoes may indeed produce a toxic substance called solanine, but the danger must not be overestimated since it can be easily avoided. Its presence is superficial (it concentrates just below the skin) and is signalled by the greenish color of the skin or by sprouts. Removing those affected areas makes a potato safe for consumption without the need to discard it all.


interesting fact. the chemicals that potatoes are exposed to in the farm are very toxic. Potatoes have to be stored for months in warehouses for the chemicals to dissipate.


As far as I know only the leaves are toxic.


the potato that is toxic is a potato that has patches of grren on the skin that potato is not ripe and if cooked will release that toxin