Okay vegetarians, I get that you're upset that pigs, cows and chickens gotta die to feed me but what about if I ate big carnivorous animals?

Pigs, cows, and chickens are for the most part peaceful animals that would hurt a man. In fact I can see why you would hate them getting killed because they're fellow vegetarians for the most part. But what about the big, nasty pricks like alligators, bears, and cougar who would eat and harm man? Would you feel as bad if I just ate them? Actually, I've already had bear and alligator and they are to die for (and they did die for it lol). I even have a rug made out of the bear I ate that is resting snugly and comfortably on my floor. Anyway, how would you feel if I just eat the big bad animals instead and leave the weak ones alone?


pigs and chickens are both omnivores and pigs are dangerous..not sweet benign animals at all and have killed and eaten humans. remember the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy falls into the pig pen while they are eating and everyone is all in a dither to rescue her? the danger is real. VERY real. And bears are omnivores, just like poultry and pigs are. They are not carnivores. You need to educate yourself before posting questions.


Chickens and other fowl are omnivores So are pigs


I'm guessing you've not come into contact with any of the animals you mention? Pigs, cows and chickens can all be aggressive and I certainly wouldn't call them "peaceful". it depends on the individual animal and the circumstances. None of them are vegetarian. That's a term that describes dietry choice. Cows are herbivores so eat only plant material -it's not really a "choice" because they don't regard meat as "food". Pigs and chickens are omnivores. Obviously they could "choose" to be vegetarian but they don't. Chickens seem to prefer meat - insects, worms, snails, mice if they can catch them and anything dead they find. Most vegetarians couldn't care less what you or anyone else ate. They simply choose, for themselves, not to eat meat. There are many reasons for making this choice. Most people though would prefer it if you left wild animals alone if possible and simply ate meat from animals bred for that purpose. Do you really see cows and pigs as "weak"?


Can't you at least eat goats? Because those things are actually vicious, I was personally attacked by one many years ago and I hadn't done a single thing to provoke it, the less goats the better in my opinion and I may be a vegetrian but I eat dairy and frankly goat's cheese and milk is one of the most disgusting things I have ever tasted and yet every restaurant seems to think that vegetarians love that stuff. I honestly don't care what you eat in all seriousness though, I have been a vegetarian for 30 years and I never did start it as some kind of animal rights campaign, I just copied my older brother because I used to look up to him and then he went back to meat but I never could, the taste and texture just repulses me, I would go vegan if it was for the rights of animals but it's not and there is nothing worse than a preaching vegetarian.


I wouldn't categorise carnivorous animals as "bad" in contrast to the "weak ones". They just do what's in their nature - they're don't have malicious intent in attacking and eating other animals, and when they attack humans it's usually because the humans aren't respecting their personal space or they need food to eat. I would in fact rather you eat the "weak ones" that are bred for human eating rather than animals like alligators, bears and cougars as they have more of a role in balancing their ecosystem (eating the herbivores so that the plants don't die out). However if they're an introduced species and are harming the ecosystem then yeah it would be a better idea to eat them. But then again, eating farmed animals would be fueling the demand for them, leading to more supply. Which also damages the environment as forests are being cut down to create farmlands and cow farts contribute to global warming (feel free to argue this one - it does sound a little dubious and I haven't done my research). I am one of those vegetarians who don't really care what other people eat and I don't feel bad if other people eat meat. It's a personal choice, so go eat what you want.


the big carnivorous animals would be fed pigs cows and chickens and it would take 10+ times as many pigs, cows and chickens to feed you by proxy as it does now for you to eat them directly.


If you are a big enough man to go kill those animals on your own, then yes , by all means 😊

M'aiq The liar

I see your bet and I raise you one better. What if you only ate meat in self-defense? Like if an alligator were attacking you, you straight up eat that bastard. Or if the xenomorph from Alien invaded your house, you take him down and have a BBQ. No guns, but knives and *traditional* bows are okay.