Is vegan bacon good for you?


Bubba Gubbins

Vegan bacon is terrible- them vegans don't have enough fat on them to cure well.


No. But it is a lot less bad for you than real bacon. I bought some once and made fake bacon BLTs. I also added some avocado and some garlic aioli. I had it on sprouted whole wheat toast. Health-wise it was OK. And it was delicious.


Well it looks like a shoe insole so I'm gonna say no


No. It will be full of chemicals and additives. Try to eat vegan proteins that are NOT manufactured or packaged. Look for: Quinoa Soy/Tofu/Edamame Nuts Legumes eaten with grains . so beans and rice. Don't be looking for fake meats .. they are not good for you. If you are going to be a vegan embrace the real foods.


It’s not bacon so yea it’s not as bad lol look up nutrition info




not good for you, or your taste-buds


Look vegan meat in general is soy and gelatin, heavily preserved. If you want bacon, wouldn't you prefer to just eat bacon at that point?

NIX: yes whereas real bacon is not https

yes whereas real bacon is not


depends on what it is made of. too much of anything isn’t good for you. it certainly is lower in fat than it’s non-vegan counterpart.

Nekkid Truth!

No its not. Its overprocessed and has chemicals in it to make it try to taste like bacon. Real bacon would be healthier


all packaged processed food is bad for you.


Almost as good for you as twinkies.


probably as good for you as real bacon.