Do the anti-vegans who attack vegans daily in the V&V section also go after people who eat fast food every day?



I haven't really seen people damning vegans, mostly just saying that vegans are misinformed.


Apart from the trolls, I don't really see anyone "attacking" vegans on this site. Mostly it's just people responding or reacting. Added, you comment on Eddie's answer - yeah, that's what I said, people responding. He's responding to YOUR question! What do you think the word "harassment" means?


I see far more vitriol from vegans against meat eaters. Murderers, etc.


The only people that automatically attack others are trolls and there are a number on both sides as anyone who spends anytime on this site will realize. There have been as many nasty questions.comments designed to run down people who eat meat as there have been towards vegans and vegetarians. Heck I have even seen so called vegans attack other vegans on here, a sign of the troll or an idiot but since both are similar.....


No they don't - the reason why is, people who eat fast food don't give a crap. Vegans on the other hand, a tiny little prod, and they explode with ranting, accusations and demands for apologies and banning. I tried veal the other day. Yeah I know it's cruel, but my god, it was so tender and delicious. You could taste it's innocence.


I haven't really seen people damning vegans, mostly just saying that vegans are misinformed.


I think people need to realise that theas production of any food item has a victim. Animal die for us to eat. Destroy natural environments. Vegetable / fruit plantations employ slave labour. Destroy natural environments. Also millions of airmiles. The best diet for people is local home grown produce. I don't know how anyone who claims to be a true vegan or care about the environment could eat at a fast food chain. They are responsible for the slaughter and mis treatment of millions of animals annually. Not to mention the litter. The low paid staff. Etc etc.


If people who eat fast food try to force their dumb diet upon us all, insult people who disagree with them, mindlessly believe their diet is proper and feel a false sense of moral superiority. There are no groups similar to PETA and ALF for fast food addicts. If I knew anyone who ate fast food daily, I would try to inform him that his diet is wrong. I do the same to vegans. I see in many answers that vegans do not know how to have all the nutrients they need. They are rules by hysteria, rather than reason.

miyuki & kyojin

You have Martyr Complex and Play Victim, just like religious fanatics. To you veganism is a quasi-religion. Both religious nuts and vegans play martyr-victim, have absurd dogmas, blindly believe absurd lies are true, feel superior to others, preach their beleifs, hate people who disagree and lie horribly about them, mindlessly believe absurd lies, etc. PeTA is your Holy Prophet (wholly profit)!


no vela.....we dont care what you eat....


yes unless the meat at fast food places is fake and synthetic


Nope because those that eat fast food don't lie about the benefits of their diet


No. People who eat fast food every day make them feel better about their choices.