Why are there so few vegetarians and vegans in east asia and southeast asia countries that aren't even buddhist monks?

china, japan, south korea, vietnam, singapore, taiwan, hong kong, phillipines, thailand. you rarely see anyone say they don't eat any meat other than the devout buddhist monks reason why i ask is because i am korean and i am a vegetarian. if i tell other koreans that i don't eat meat, they look at me as if i am not korean or weird and i am also a secular, non-religious korean too. i don't follow any buddhism or christianity or any religion for that matter @nekkid truth. being an omnivore is not an absolute need for survival anymore. if humans have to be omnivores to survival, then why do the vast majority of humans in this world with health related problems due to poor diet are meat eaters? the only people i say that need to be omnivores in order to survive are people that don't even have much food in the first place/ but the western world seriously has people that put way too much crap in their bodies. they don't need to eat all that meat to survive


I'm not sure if you are suggesting Buddhists do not eat meat or that they do. I have to tell you, they do, especially tantric Buddhists. You can't ignore eons of evolution by sheer force of will. I think I figured it out. Veganism is about control and not about being healthy or saving animals. They just don't see that psychological aspect of it.

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Because humans are omnivores. Monks choose that diet for philosophical reasons... But they also do a lot of things that are against human nature. Unhealthy diets are linked to processed foods... Not a meat diet. Many vegans are also malnourished. Why is it when you hear of infants that were starved to death.. Its parents who forced a vegan diet on the child? You cant survive on a vegan diet without SYNTHETIC nutrients added... Such as b-12. To say that you "dont need meat to survive".. I may as well state that I "dont need fresh produce to prevent scurvy"... Fake vitamin C will work almost as well.

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We have highest IQ of all races, thus we know veganism based upon absurd lies PeTA tell.


Its the exact same thing it is in the rest of the world, people eat meat out of their own free will because thats what they want to eat. In general veganisim is a lie, there is no ancient wisdom of a pure vegetable diet, there is no medical doctor that is going to tell you to cut meat and dairy out of your diet...simply just unfounded claims.

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Regardless, the se asians still eat way less meat than a westener. Meat dishes tend to be heavier on veges than meat. And buddhist monks aren't necessarily vegetarian... ones i know from thailand anyway. It's a source of protein in a region that doesn't have as much access to dairy or pulses.


um, you are an omnivore whether you eat meat or not. Being an omnivore is what allows you to make a choice to not eat meat. You see, omnivores have the ability to derive nutrition from both meat and plant matter. Herbivores don't have that choice..you won't ever get a cow, sheep, horse to choose meat over a patch of green grass. AND you wont get an obligate carnivore to survive on only plant based diet. An omnivore can choose. As to why all these nations of people are vegetarian, who knows? Without questioning each and every one, you simply won't get a correct answer. ALSO the "vast majority" of humans with health problems are not meat eaters. that has nothing to do with it. Check this out. https://www.worldlifeexpectancy.com/ You will find that the lowest number of heart disease occurs in countries with some of the highest meat consumption and a couple of Asian countries you mentioned were the absolute lowest. So why do vegans say meat is a factor??? AND guess what? Without supplements and fortified foods, vegans wouldn't survive either. You cannot get reliable amounts of B12 and vitamin D from any foods that vegans eat that aren't supplemented. Without man made supplements, you would be ill or dead. I prefer to eat some meat. AS to meat eaters eating unhealthy foods, do you think there are no vegan junk foods? Guess again. chips, fries, deep fried veggies, oreo cookies, many candies, cakes, pies and cookies, vegan ice cream are all junk food.

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In poor countries and primitive societies, humans haven't the luxury of trying to survive on a vegetarian diet. Many of the countries you name eat the entrails of animals because they can't afford to purchase the muscle tissue that more affluent people eat. For thousands of years humans ate whatever they could find to keep them alive and I'd bet my life there were no vegetarians touting their superiority because they'd all be dead. In modern society with our vast distribution network and the transportation of food from all over the world, anyone can choose any crackpot diet they wish. However, if they wish to be healthy, vegans and vegetarians often must add supplements or monitor what they eat to insure they ingest the proper amount of protein, iron, calcium and probably other things of which I am ignorant. It amuses me that some vegetarians consider themselves superior because of their diet. If, God forbid, we were to experience some cataclysm like a nuclear war or the impact of an enormous meteor, I wonder how long these same superior people would refrain from eating anything, including slugs and ants, in order to survive. As to your updates, they make no sense. "Being an omnivore is not an absolute need for survival ANYMORE.".....right, it's not anymore. That's my point. For thousands of years it was, which is why our species is omnivorous. Update four is the same as update three. It would seem that your reasoning is as limited as your diet.


Humans are omnivores Saying those with health problems are overwhelming meat eaters is an out and out lie Yes there are more meat eaters then vegetarians with health problems only because there are more meat eaters. Percentage wise its is the same Before western civilization moved into the area Eskimos ate a diet that was 90% animal based, heart disease and cancer were almost nonexistent in the population

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What is surprising about that.? But the first thing about Asian food is the vegetables, not the meat.. Never mind whether they eat meat or not, but for sure they are eating a of of vegetables.


I've had several friends from the Indian sub-continent who have no reason for being vegetarian other than "meat is gross".


Not true, McDonald's have had to adopt a largely veggie menu in the east because so many people there don't eat meat.


It is a simple story, because the meat is very tasty. Kobe Beef eat?