What non-veg(etari)an things have you accidentally eaten/used?

In case your IQ matches with your shoe size; this question is aimed at those who are (or have been) vegetarian or vegan.


altoids I didn't know they contained boiled bone


I once got a burrito and didn't realize it had cheese in it till about halfway through eating it. Another time, I took a huge bite of my burrito and in the bite there was nothing but cheese... moral of the story: check your burritos


I was a pescatarian (no meat but fish and animal products allowed) Parents left a jug of unset jelly and I drunk (a mouthful) thinking it was juice 😂


A friend of mine (vegan) ate a plate of pasta shells in tomato sauce .. and then realised that the pasta had been made with eggs.


Eggs and honey.


none. I am an omnivore