Veggies/vegans owning pets?

If vegan/vegetarians don't like enslaving animals, then why do they keep pets? Isn't it basically the same thing? Someone please answer because this has always confused me


Killing or eating an animal is far different than have one as a pet. If you are confused its because you are stupid.


It really varies from person to person. A lot of vegetarians are perfectly alright with "enslaving" animals. They (often, not always) take issue with the killing and mistreatment of animals itself as opppsed to the captivity and use of animals in general. That's usually why a lot of ethical vegetarians still eat dairy and eggs. They don't know about the cruelties involved in those industries. Some vegetarians are vegetarians for health reasons or because of preference, too, so those guys don't necessarily care about animals in the same way an ethical vegetarian might or really at all. Vegetarians are pretty diverse people. Most vegans keep animals in their home because they've rescued them or because they bought them before they were vegan. Domestcated animals can't really care for themselves out there in the wild, so a lot of vegans don't take issue with this. It's not really exploitation if the animal literally depends on you to survive.


My pet dogs are not enslaved. They're actually part of the family, and are treated as such. And yes, we're vegetarian (just not our dogs).


animals like the dog have been bred for thousands of years to be human companions. If they are properly cared for, it's not considered cruel.


Vegans only rescue animals and they try to keep them happy & running around whereas farm animals are mostly locked in tiny filthy inhumane conditions which is far worse than prison. Ideally animals should have always been left free in the wild but many animals have been domesticated & we can't leave them in shelters because that's crueller than a dog running around a house


Some vegans are crazy to the point where they think people shouldn't have pets. I much prefer the non crazy ones despite them being a bit hypocritical. You are absolutely correct though. Vegetarians do eat eggs, milk, honey etc. Vegans do not because of animal welfare but you can get milk, eggs and honey from ethical sources so I don't understand why they don't eat those but then owning pets is ok. Or wool is another example. Sheep will die if they are not sheared but its unethical to use the wool? So lets use fake plastic fabrics instead which is terrible for the environment. I don't understand veganism at all TBH. Vegetarianism I get but veganism is weird and makes no sense.


some vegans had the pets BEFORE becoming want those people to just toss them aside? Some vegans also rescue pets. Despite all the bullshit about torturing meat animals, pet animals get treated the worst. Nothing wrong with rescuing pets. You won't ever find an aged cow dumped by the side of the road to starve, or you won't ever find calves in a sack weighed down with rocks and tossed in a river, like you do puppies and kittens. I imagine a conscientious vegan would try to rescue them.

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its not the sanne thing, theyre not eating their pets