Does it make sense to stand up against animal abuse if you eat meat ?



Absolutely. I grew up around farmers and ranchers, and none of them would inflict or allow mistreatment of their animals. Animals to them are products, and they want contented livestock that eat and grow or give milk. I've been trained from a child to oppose animal cruelty, and have never met anyone in the industry that promoted or practiced it.


You can stand up against animal abuse and eat meat.


Yes. Animal abuse isn't restricted to eating meat it's more generally about treating all animals with kindness and respect. Ultimately everything that lives dies but we can do our best to ensure that animals are able to live the best life they can Rather than focusing on the human diet it's far more effective to stop squandering resources and polluting the earth.


Eating meat is not abuse. Why wouldn't someone who eats a proper diet of meat not stand up against abuse? Vegans stand for abuse since they release non native aniamls, buy electronics, drive cars, force carnivore pets to eat plants


Stand up yes....nobody eats cats and dogs the most widely abused animal. And cows, chickens, pigs are bred for consumption.




of course it does. Just like it makes sense to stand up against the mistreatment of labor laws if you wear clothes made in third world countries.


Sure it does. I eat meat, but I want farm animals to live lives that are as happy as possible and free from cruelty.

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Sure, you don't have to abuse meat to eat it.



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Yes. Bruised meat tastes terrible. PETA= People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals PETA= People Eating Tasty Animals

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Of course and for the humane caring and killing of animals raised for meat.

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There is a vast difference between preparing an animal for slaughter to provide as meat and malicious intent that accompanies animal cruelty. The problem with the preparation of an animal for slaughter is how do you do it cleanly with minimal trauma? If you are a feeling individual and you intend to eat meat, that is what occupies your thought; if it was you the meat eater who had to put an animal down; one may imagine on a large scale.


Land on a planet full of crazy locos doing whatever they want and then try to get them to stop and do something they don't like to do. Oh boy. Are you in for a treat. Might work and then again it most likely won't. It would probably be best to just move on and forget about guiding the evolution of an entire planet. Unless you have the capability to do such a thing why try? Best to keep to oneself and do what is right by oneself in this case. You know, blend in and try not to bring on any unwanted attention without giving up too much of yourself in the process. It can be done.


Yes, there are right and wrong ways of doing anything.


Yes. And the BEST way to work against animal abuse is to buy your meat from local small-scale farmers who do not abuse animals, who raise them and have them slaughtered in humane ways. It is more expensive to buy your meat from local farmers, but if EVERYONE did it, the big agri-businesses which are operating cruelly would go out of business. BUY LOCAL. (p.s. ... a city dweller .. not a farmer :) )


Yes,even Meat eaters should treat animals in a humane manner

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In my opinion, Americans shoudln't eat meat unless they go hunting for it. Animals which are hunted have better lives than those in factory farms. I would say that standing against animal abuse and hunting for meat is fine.


its not the eating of the animal that is bad it is how we go about killing the animals


Meat is murder.


There was a funny story where people protested oil drilling by blocking the ships with canoes. The canoes made out of petroleum resins that they drove to the river in cars. The irony is strong is those ones. You can eat meat and not want them to butt rape and ***** slap the poor animals. It is as simple as if you want to pay $50 for one chicken that ran free and got massages while eating brandied pears all it's life, go ahead. There's a market for that. But there's a bigger market for $5 chickens that stood around in a barn until having their heads chopped off. There already are laws for outright abuse like butt rape. If you need them to be told they are loved, that's your prerogative.


Not really that's kind of hypocritical your against animal cruelty but eating a juice beef/chicken burger or other type of meat product.


not really


Not really. If you see animals actually being abused, or pics/videos of that, you see the actual animal being abused, usually while alive. But It’s too easy to eat the burger because it doesn’t look like the actual animal anymore. It came packaged in plastic from the supermarket or wrapped in a McDonald’s wrapper let’s say.So people don’t really think about it as much because it doesn’t resemble the whole living animal anymore. Just a part of it. Not alive anymore.But if people had to slaughter the animal themselves that they were going to eat the meat of, it might make them think twice about eating them. It’s all about appearances sometimes.So some people don’t have a problem sticking up for animal abuse but they go ahead and eat those burgers because it doesn’t seem directly connected with the suffering of an animal anymore.But it IS the product of that suffering, Because most methods of slaughtering animals involve physical pain and emotional trauma to the Animal as far as I know

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There is religiuous taboo against meat eating in Hinduism. So, you will find most vegetarians in India than elsewhere.


Yes, as long as it's lab made meat, knowing that the animal hasn't been mistreated


Yes nature thrives on consuming itself. So called Vegans are immoral and unethical, humans are omnivores. But that doesn't mean we should abuse animals. Having worked in a slaugterhouse, I know how well the animals were treated. There is no reason to mistreat animals. We are also animals and part of Nature, and it relies on consuming itself, stop that and nature collapses.


You can request people not to eat meat but in nature it is not like that. The food for lions and tigers and all other carnivorous animals is herbivorous animals. God had made it. You know very well how they are killed by carnivorous animals and how they suffer before they die. Human beings reduce this pain and sufferings before they kill the animals for their food. Human beings and carnivorous animals are not same. We can use our mind and do something good. But can we destroy all creatures which live by eating other creatures on this earth. I guess that scientists would say that that would be a disaster. I don't remember exactly but I guess I have read something like that.


It makes sense to me. The meat I eat isn't alive, and is therefore incapable of suffering. I would rejoice if all the profit-driven meat factories were shut down. I think people should hunt, raise their own meat, or barter with small meat producers that are devoted to humane ethics. Healthier too.

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No. You'd be contradicting yourself.