Do vegans get angry a mothers who breastfeed their babies? Because Milk isn't a vegetable.?



nuts and fruit aren't vegetables either did you skip school a lot?

Lim Yuan

No, while human breast milk isn't vegan (its from the human animal) the mother consents to sharing her milk so its not a problem with vegans. The problem that arises is that it contradicts the unhealthy claims by vegans about milk. Human milk is also full of pus, fat, cholesterol and hormones. All of which do have health benefits to a baby.


No, and stop trolling.


No. Are you trying to ask what "vegan" means? Try again.

M'aiq The liar


Richard D

Vegetarians are not handing down laws for others. Only doing as they see fit.


Should invented the high protein vegan baby milk. Baby will grow up non violence and passive. May all be vegan right now.


I don't mind if a woman breast feeds, as long as she does the same to me.