Can I grow taller?

I am 21 years old Indian guy and 5'3 inch tall. From past 9 years I have been living in a hostel where I never got good food. Most of the time the food used to be oily(As usual Indian food). People here are vegetarians whereas I am a non-vegetarian. I am still living in a hostel where I don't get proper diet. My parents are short as a well. My mother is 5'0 and my dad is 5'6.5 inch tall. My voice hasn't broken yet, I still sound like a kid. Do I have any chance of growing further? If so then what should I do to become taller?


sadly probably not. You see, if good food were the only answer, there would be ONLY short poor people. Thats not the case. Your height is dictated by your genetics. Look to see how tall your parents and grand parents are. THAT is why you are as short as you are.


I think It's doubtful that you will grow much taller....though my cousin added two inches in his military stint. He was measured at 5 ft 7 inches during his military induction at 19 years old. He was measured at 5 ft 9 inches at his out processing physical three years later. Our bones grow until we're about 30, so maybe there's hope for you. Genetics decide most of your physical characteristics, but nutrition is very important, too. Neither of your parents are especially tall, so you shouldn't expect to be 6 ft. tall. But you may not have gotten, or be getting, the calories and nutrients that you need to grow to your genetic potential. Apparently you have little/no control over your living conditions? I'm sorry, I have no answer, except encourage you to eat as many calories as you can get of the most nutritious foods available like proteins and calcium. Exercise if you can. Exercise will help your body use food more efficiently.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

If you haven't grown by 21, you're not growing anymore. You're also too old to be blaming your parents for your own life.


at 21 your growing years are behind you. You will be a short guy for life.. Saying that you have short parents, so that doesn't help you being tall


Good nutrition is important.