Any good vegan documentaries to watch?

ive seen: earthings Vegucated what the health cowsperacy forks over knives food inc super size me can anyone refute these with good info?


Yes, they can be refuted by the documentaries about Temple Grandin's work.

miyuki & kyojin

Good vegan corocumentary is oxymoron. All are absurd lies invented by PeTA!


There are none that are good. They are all absurd lies.


All the claims on these videos care lies, Any so-called cruelty scenes are decades old, [pre-dating current animal welfare laws], taking in a far distant 3rd world country, staged, or downright faked using CGI or other faking techniques.


Any one can refute them with a simple internet search since those "documentaries" are as fake as trumps tan


I have watched a lot of good documentaries on Netflix.


How do you mean "refute" them? Added, thank you for coming back with the info I asked for. I guess you just don't know what "refute" means! It's the wrong word you cretin.


I have watched a lot of good documentaries on Netflix.


Those are all good ones. I haven't seen Eating Animals. It is not based on the book. It is supposed to be very good. You can see Meat The Truth and HOPE on Documentary Storm. Kanopy has a bunch of ones I haven't seen. Just search "vegan". Speciesm and Live and Let Eat can be added to your list, too Netflix has Okja and Peaceable Kingdom.


The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear. ( You Tube ) .This Speech Is Your Wake Up Call. ( You Tube ). The Excuses Speech. ( You Tube ) 101 Reasons To Go Vegan. ( You Tube )