All you omnivore guys would you date a vegetarian?

i have been a vegetarian since 12 and i have no problem going out with guys who eat meat but would it bother you if i didn't

Nekkid Truth!

No. Men like a woman who knows how to appreciate a properly cooked steak


No, I would not. I avoid mindless fanatics of all types. They are difficult to be near. I would be asking for much unnecessary trouble by dating such lunatics.

Sandra K

Heck no, I wouldn't date anybody who was that dumb. Humans aer omnivores, so such weird diets are bad.


Dating, fun, having sex -- no problem! Thinking marriage -- Hell No!

miyuki & kyojin

I never dare any type of mindless fanatic who have destructive beleifs. He would want our childr3en to follow his dumb beleifs. I am quite icompatible with nay mindless fanatic.


plenty of us would other way around is a different story


I really have no interest at all in what a person eats. I'm in the UK and, to me, it seems an odd idea that anyone might.

Jeff H

Yes, plain and simple. As long as the individual does not complain about my diet or attempt to change it I would have no issues with dating them.


i mean, im a girl, but no, I wouldn't care


Most guys wouldn't have a problem because most men already see most women as being more emotional and sensitive. When people think of meat eating, they usually think of it being a manly thing whereas vegetarianism is seen as a more feminine lifestyle. So, you should have no problem. However, I think most women would have a problem with a vegetarian man because those men wouldn't fit the stereotypical mold of what a man should be.