If everyone went vegan would it save the planet?



Nope, Mass population of animals Loss of land to grow crop for humans, when land was previously home for animals, which defeats the entire purpose of "veganism" Plants take awhile to grow


no. i will never be vegan. if meat is made illegal, I will set up a black market for meat.


Nope it would DESOTRY the planet All wild land would have to be plowed under and the oceans would be massive dead zones due to all the chemical fertlizers and all the water would be pollueted and almost every where would have massive droughts due to all the water being used only on plants


No, it wouldn't

Ghost Of Christmas Past

Yes. In 10 years we'd all be dead and the planet could recover without human activity.


Of course not. They'd be too busy telling each other that they were vegan




No, cows would take over the world




Oh man the poos would absolutely REEK!

Gordon B

nope but it might help.

The Oracle of Omigod

It would probably result in planticide.

M'aiq The liar

No. But it'd certainly help. We also need to make other changes. Being a species of vegans would be meaningless if we all went on burning coal and gasoline.


No. The planet is being destroyed by rich billionaires via Agenda 21. Google it. Being vegan will extend your life, perhaps improve the quality, too in comparison to that person next to you who lives off pizza and cheeseburgers.