How do you replace the nutrient choline found in eggs for a vegan diet?

Hello! I m recalculating my nutritional methods and adjustments and seeing what I need to stock up on before phasing into vegan(ism?). I ve been keto for 9 months and a staple of my diet has been eggs. I ve already found easy ways for me to replace most nutritional aspects of eggs (DHA with Algal oil, B2 from mushrooms, B5 from nutritional yeast, phosphorous from hempseeds) but I ve not figured out where to get a good source of choline. I ve heard that the recommended daily amount of choline is around 400 mg, 1 egg has about 146 mg, and just about every other food I ve looked at has about 30-40 mg per serving that someone will actually eat (like, peanut butter has 66 mg of choline per 100 g of peanut butter but 1 tsbp of peanut butter is 16 grams so no one really eats 4 tbsps of peanut butter just to get 66 out of 400 mg of choline, ya know?) The point is - is there some other vegan choline rich food that I ve not discovered? By comparison, I thought it quite hard to get a lot of calcium on a vegan diet until I found out about hijiki seaweed. It s gotta heckton of calcium but it s just so uncommon to hear about. I only saw it once on the internet and then I found it in my area and confirmed that it has a crazy amount of calcium for such a small amount of food and money. So, do you guys know of any rich choline sources even if they aren t common?


I don't see any mention of a source of vitamin B12. You will need to supplement for that: highly processed foods that have manufactured B12 added, shots or pills. No plant makes B12.


Choline is in wheat germ, peas, spinach and beans. When you eat a wide and varied diet you get plenty of all the nutrients except D and B12. Those are 2 that have few sources which is why they are harder to get. B2(ribolflavin) is in many foods, like whole grains, leafy greens, soy beans, and almonds besides mushrooms. Again, if you eat a wide and varied diet you will get plenty and not need to concentrate on one food. You have the internet at your fingertips. Look up each nutrient you are concerned about . I googled "source of___" and lists will pop up.


I just looked it up for my gluton-free protein pancakes. I text two eggs yesterday. Now i have not one egg and he box had an astrick and so I read it says there are egg substitutes. But the box doesn't say. I got watery tofu been sitting in fridge too long. I replace water every day but i don't eat tofu every day. I looked up on

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Don't go vegan. If you landed on hijike for calcium, over leafy greens and nuts, then you're making this way too hard and confusing.


IMHO you are overthinking this whole thing. Just eat a large variety of fruits, nuts, seeds, nuts, and grains. If you eat enough calories you will probably more than meet all your nutritional needs. Just stay away from fats, oils, and sugar. Eat mostly unprocessed foods. If you want to double check, start a CronOmeter account. It's free. It tracks over 20 different micronutrients. It doesn't track choline, tho. But the amount of choline necessary for good health is pretty small. If you meet your other nutritional needs, your choline requirement will be met too. "Soymilk, tofu, quinoa, and broccoli are particularly rich sources" of choline. If you aren't sure about making up a meal plan - I recommend Dr. Gregar's Daily Dozen checklist. Or check out some of the sample meal plans on PCRM's site.