Are organic plants fertilized with cow and horse poop?

I’m all for saving the environment, but I ain’t eating shít, hell no. Ew


Sometimes composted animal manures are used to fertilize organic fields (and conventional fields as well, for that matter). It doesn't mean you're "eating poop".


Not just organic plants.


Yes, animal manure, plus dead animals, are often composted and used as organic fertilizers. I used to buy organic lawn fertilizer made from chicken farm waste. Worked well. If you should drive buy a beef feedlot, you'll likely see tons of cow poop piled up, being composted, to be sold as organic fertilizer. You're not eating manure when you eat food fertilized with organic materials.


possibly. After all, it is natural fertilizer. AND even if cow or horse manure isn't used, your organic plants will still be fertilized with wild animal poop and wild animal carcasses along with dead vegetation since that is what good black dirt is.

Kevin K.

Well, If you think like I do, you wouldn't even be eating anything at all. What if soil was just dust from all the people that died? The soil is live organisms, some of them contains parasites. Plants need food and cow poop is filled with high nutrients for plants. Don't feel disgusted, remember cows only eat plants and veggies. Is the same thing, how did a random plant grew there? Bird poop. Animals are very important for our ecosystem, without them we wouldn't have any of the things we have today, that is why is so important to protect them.


Your in a world of ****. Get used to it!


Organic gardening uses composted materials. This is made from decomposed plant and food material, soil, water and animal wastes. It is no longer poop when it is put on the plants. It is a soil rich in nutrients that the plant requires. Do you remember learning in elementary school how the Native Americans would put a fish at the bottom of each hole in which they planted a kernel of corn? The growing corn plant would use the nutrients from the decomposing fish, to grow and produce corncobs. Same principal. And no, you CANNOT use un-composted poop on plants. They won't grow, since all organic matter takes Nitrogen TO decompose, and that would mean that the planet would starve from soil-Nitrogen and would die. When you decompose any organic material, what you get is a soil that is rich in Nitrogen, and that is what the plant needs to grow. Even fresh wood chips will rob the soil of Nitrogen TO decompose .. while they end up providing a good soil, until then you cannot grow plants in it.


they don't have to be.

Nekkid Truth!

Horse, cow, pig, chicken, and human poop.. Yep.. As well as dead animals and rotting food. Farmers use something to fertilize soil... Poop, carcasses and rotting food is organic.


Yes, in some countries human excrement is used to organically grow crops.


Most plants are, but meat is always contaminated with pus, blood, feces, hormones, drugs & antibiotics when you buy meat from the supermarket, so why've you got an issue with plant foods but not with eating the flesh of an animals dead corpse? Those animals also eat plants that have been covered in feces too, so you take a double hit of **** when you eat animals.