Do plants feel pain? What about when we eat them?



No, plants do not feel pain.


I don't think so because they don't have a nervous system


Decades ago, someone attached electrodes (or something) to plants, and found that they DID have an electrochemical reaction ... carrots being pulled out of the ground, vegetables being dropped into boiling water, etc. Apparently plants feel pain. It is unfortunately that NO life form exists on air alone. But creation is such that we consume or we die. I think the Native Americans had the right idea .. respect all life, and thank it before you eat it.


This myth was started in 1973 with the book The Secret Life of Plants. this book has been debunked by more scientists than I can list here. However, it is absolutely true that plants respond to stimuli. You shine a light and they grow towards it. but don't confuse chemistry and biology with intelligence. Also, many plants emit chemicals that can attract or repel insects. That is evolution, not strategy. It is also true that plants do communicate with each other with chemicals or thru the fungus network. But again this is evolution and natural selection at work. not a sign of intelligence. Plants have no nervous tissue or anything that resembles nervous tissue. Therefore they can't feel pain. Most people spread this myth to make them feel better about killing and eating animals. If both plants and cows feel pain - what is the difference?


Scientific research has shown that plants can tell when we are eating them, and they do not like it. But the question of whether they feel pain is still up in the air. You hear that, vegans? Plants don't like being eaten.


The real question is do plants get tattoos?




They cannot feelĀ pain like humans. They have no nerves