Why are vegetarians so rude for not eating meat?

Animals die so humans could eat and vegetarians don't appreciate that kind gesture from animals. I find it disrespectful to refuse to eat meat once the animals lay down their life. The least vegetarians can do is eat them and not let the animals' death be in vain. But letting the meat go to waste is wrong. I know if someone did me a favor like make a cake for me, I wouldn't tell them "never mind" and waste their time.


"vegetarians don't appreciate that kind gesture from animals." I am definitely a meat eater. I was also an English major and it's clear that you have no clue what the word "gesture" means. Are there a lot of cows or chickens voluntarily laying down and dying at the doors of vegetarians?


Ah, the trolls are out again.


Not everyone feels the same way about everything. Deal with it.


Since when is not eating meat rude? Your statement is completely nuts. According to you, if I eat a carrot salad, or a cheese sandwich, or a spinach salad, or a tuna casserole, eggplant parmesan, or anything that does not contain meat, I'm rude. You are rude telling us that we are rude when we don't eat meat. Eating meat is not the b all and end all of life.


Vegetarians are rude and cranky because their body is failing from lack of protein and their minds are always craving meat. They deny their desire for meat in the same way North Koreans deny they are unhappy. Prolonged meat deprivation will cause their muscles to decay and be replaced with fat while their neurons are damaged due to lack of animal fat coating, causing mental decay and eventual madness.


The Majority are polite


in that case i suggest you start eating road kill. all that meat is going to waste. what is wrong with you?

M'aiq The liar

It's not a "gesture" by animals. WE KILL THEM. They want to live out their full lives without being harmed, just like any human. At no point do they willingly sacriice themselves so some fat guy can buy their ground up corpse at walmart so they can have a midnight snack. Human beings force them into slaughter houses and end their lives through acts of violence. You find me a recording of a cow saying "Oh man, I hope the humans like what I'm gonna do for them."


If a person prohibits eating meat they probably don't have the spirit of God, if they do have the spirit of God they are misled. Meat can be eaten with Thanksgiving , and people don't need to eat meat anything more than sparingly in times of famine and if animals are to be killed it should be done in the least amount of pain .


And the cheesecake factory pumps out tons of cheesecake on a daily bases. Why do people insist on eating vegetables and lean meat?

Mad Luv

I do get your point. but if a vegetarian was out side living in the wild they would eat meat. and use every part of that animale. but what we are doing (ps i'm a meat eater) is forcing two things into haveing sex. then we are filling it with so many growth hormones that it's not even real meat anymore it's a chemical cocktail. so it grows faster and they can get money money money.. MONEY.. by killing it. i would 100% agree with you if we lived on our own small farm. but at this point they are creating life to kill it. and that isn't cool with me. again i eat meat i just don't buy it at the stores.


Often it is because the true underlying cause for being a vegetarian is that they are insecure and they use this to try to like themselves better. Because they are insecure, they have to be right and everyone who disagrees has to be wrong. You see he same thing in people who are religious fanatics. For that matter, if you want a good example, just observe Donald Trump.


Red meat is poison.