Am I the only one who thinks veganism is pointless?

For an example how do I get my protein if I can’t eat eggs or meat? I don’t see the benefit of being vegan because I eat meat and when I visit my doctor he says my cholesterol levels are normal. I exercise workout and eat healthy but I eat meat and eggs everyday and I think I am healthy. What is the point of veganism?

Question Queen

Veganism is New Age & doctrines of devils. I fell into that trap. No wonder I was always hungry!


No. Every normal person thinks this too.


You have totally missed the point. People are vegan because they don't want animals to die for their food. And there are plenty of ways of getting protein from plants, which you are obviously ignorant of.


It is pointless Vegans don't save any animals. In fact thousands and thousands of animals are killed by tillers, harvesters, being shot and poisoned to protect the food, all the toxic fertilizers and herbacides and pestcides that are sprayed run off into the water and kill even more animals and cause dead zones All the electronics vegans own involve animal compnontas and come from factories that destroy the environment but you will never see them give up any of them Thier cars also come from fatories and all the CO2 the car gives off damages the envoriment but you will never see a vegan give that up The homes they own were built on land that was once forest and pushed out wild life and killed more They get very littl nutration. There are NO plants that can give you complete protens The almonds they love so much use millions of galons of water and are the main cause of the droughts The soy they love comes from clear cut rain forest They do NOTHINg to save animals and do nothing to stop suffering

Venus 1485AD

It is quite pointless at its very best. It can be very harmful when ignorant people try it. They suffer malnutrition, but they're so brainwashed that they claim their health is fine. They stink badly when they pass gas, and that's quite often.


So what if YOU think it's pointless? they're not trying to force you to be a vegan. And there are hundreds of ways you can mix grains, beans, dairy products and get complete proteins.


I know it is quite pointless. Only gullible people deceived by PETA's absurd lies become vegans. PETA collected $48,500,000 in 2017 from gullible fools.


People are vegan for vanity. They want to be unique.


Yes. You are the only one.


I am not bothered by them not eating a balanced meal. When the few neurotic idiots try to insult me, I fight back by eating meat in their honor


Legumes. Tofu. Or beans. Vegetarian isn't so strict as Vegan.


Some people just don't like meat or have moral objections.


No. Most people eat what they do because their parents gave them that food. That's more pointless than thinking about what you eat. Vegans don't have a problem getting protein. Do you even know what protein is? 'Normal cholesterol levels' doesn't mean 'good levels'. Most Americans are over weight. Being overweight is normal. You don't need to eat animals. Why don't you care about them? They are not our enemies, but humans are enemies to them...


I do not want to go vegan or vegetarian myself, but I respect those who do, whatever their motive. The only ones I do not respect are the militant minority. As for your secondary Q about protein, it is possible to get protein from plants as long as you know how to balance your proteins [meat, dairy and fish proteins are already balanced] but some micronutrients are more difficult including B12, Omega oils and zinc.


Most vegans are vegan NOT for health but to avoid eating something that resulted from the death of something else. Plain and simple. Vegan never was a health diet.


Vegans get their protein from soy, tofu, quinoa, and legumes-with-grains (usually rice and lentils, or rice and beans . .not green beans, but the bean pods of black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, etc). 5 cups of beans and rice give you your daily protein ... the equivalent of one side of a chicken breast. Of course, getting your protein from beans and brown rice is NINE times as fattening as eating that chicken. So it is much harder to keep your weight down AND meat your nutrition if you are a vegan. Vegetables have protein, but not nearly enough to meet daily requirements. You would have to eat 10 heads of lettuce a day to get your daily protein . or 20 cups of raw broccoli. Egads!!!!! I think he point of veganism is: (a) distress over the cruel way that large-scale animal farming is done, and (b) young people unsure of their identify, latching onto a cause that makes the like themselves better. Because if you are distressed over how mass-produced meat/eggs are raised, then you buy from local farmers .... small-scale, humane conditions, and you can even go and SEE how the animals are treated. This means you are NOT supporting big-business farming and ARE supporting humane treatment. It costs more for this small-scale farming products, but that is a willing sacrifice for one who cares about humane treatment.


Clearly yes, otherwise there would be more vegans. If people want to be vegans that is their right, most do so for moral reasons.


Perhaps because they don't like animals suffering in a poor environment that leads to their deaths?


A lot of people do it for ethical reasons

Vegan Britney

You can get proteins from eating plants, we actually don't need as much protein as the average person assumes, if anything most people eat an abundance of protein. Eating large amounts of red and processed meats DOES have consequences to your health in the long run; such as heart disease and cancers. Many people are vegan due to the environmental damages that animal agriculture causes. You're not the only one who thinks veganism is pointless, usually it's due to the lack of understanding and ignorance. But veganism is certainly not pointless.

Trivial One

The point of veganism is to not exploit animals. If you're ok with eating them and using the fruits of their labor, then go right ahead. However, you do not have to eat meat to get adequate protein. Plants have protein--it's a little tricky to get the right combinations, but a vegetarian diet is perfectly healthy, if that's what you choose.

Nerdy Keith

I used to think that. Until I got educated on the reality of veganism. Veganism is about attempting to eliminate as much animal cruelty as possible, it can be healthy if you adapt a wholefoods plant based diet, and it is better for the environment. You will get protein from a combination of all the foods that you would be eating. You don't need to rely on eggs, meat and or dairy for protein. There is protein in plants, beans and grains.


Well, everyone have different health condition and you shouldn't think that vegan is pointless. If you see in another perspective, i think being vegan is not pointless at all. In fact, what they did is an effort for balancing the population of animals. If everyone are a meat eater, animals might be extinct due to demands for consumption. But if everyone choose to be vegan, then there will be overpopulation of animals.


Most vegans are simply vegan because they choose to be - they are vegetarians who, for whatever reason (most likely a combination of reasons) decide also not to consume any animal products at all - no dairy products, honey or eggs - and possibly not to use things like leather, wool and silk. They are not making any "point". Some of them are kids who are misinforned, immature anf gullible, some are slightly disturbed individuals with, worryingly, a "cause". Others are simply people who believe it s wrong to "use" animals, something they want no part of. Although I don t share their views I respect them and to suggest there is "no point" in it is like suggesting there is "no point" in not throwing litter or not vandalising property.


It isn't pointless, although I'm not vegan.


If domestic activities are not moral, even of gen legacies IE: Fornication, adultery, polygamy and thieving or profligacy - Then vaganism will probably be attributed to some family illness like rickets by a lack of understanding by the same professing cash. As a certain kind of cash requires a certain kind of nutrition. Other People or vegans base this on a scriptural understaning that is in keeping with a partictular direction and thus practise and faith thereof. So, unless via personal calling to do so, it is not advisable. This is also not to say that people are not and won't be called.

Dimitrious - aka KC

People eat meat substitutes that have protein added in them, or nuts like cashews, most people are vegans to prevent animal suffering as farming is cruel and stressful for the animals.


No you are not but you are still wrong. Veganism is about compassion. How is compassion a bad thing? Vegans wish to reduce the exploitation of animals. That is what they consider important and they choose to live their lives according to their values. How is that pointless. The conditions of animals in factory farms is horrific. Even without considering the subjective conditions - just the numbers are horrific. Something like 70 billion farm animals was slaughtered last year. (there are only 7 billion humans on earth). In the USA somethign like 99% of those animals were reared in a factory farm. Not participating in the slaughter is noble. Not pointless. A strict vegetarian or vegan diet is one of the healthiest diets in the world. The meat, dairy, and egg industry have done a very good job of convincing people that animal products are not only good but that they are necessary. But don't be fooled. the science says otherwise. And don't even get me started on climate change.