Are Carbs really the enemy?

I lost 20lbs & 3" on a HIGH CARB Vegetarian diet. NO joke. Totally serious. @ckngbbbls, I know people who gained weight limiting calories because they ended up slowing their metabolism, with nutritional deficiencies, etc. @Janet, It baffles me how someone such as yourself who is an expert in diet & nutrition has never heard of glycoproteins. @LiveWire43, I know people who gained weight limiting calories because they ended up slowing their metabolism, with nutritional deficiencies, etc. @Kyle, NO. Decreased activity of the thyroid, increased production of the adrenal hormone cortisol, and resistance to the hormone insulin causes fat production. @Nekkid Truth!, why do I need to switch to a keto diet? My High carb vegetarian diet keeps my blood pressure low, skin clear, excessive fat off, metabolism high, etc.


limiting calories is the trick. Doesn't matter if you are eating cookies or cauliflower. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight.


As long as you're in a caloric deficit it doesn't matter what macro you're eating to lose weight.


Calories are the enemy. Now we NEED a minimum of 1300 to 1400 calories a day but to maintain our current weight, it usually requires 2000-2400 calories a day. If you want to lose weight, you eat fewer calories than it takes to maintain your current weight. If you want to maintain your health and NOT come down with future health problems, you make sure that what you eat has ALL the daily required food groups, in the proportion that your body needs. A high-carb vegetarian diet is going to be almost-GUARANTEED short on protein. Which means that your body will consume some of your muscle every day to get the protein that you aren't eating. Eventually, if you continue to not eat enough protein, you start to become weak ... even to the point of not being able to stand up or walk. As for losing weight ... a rate of 1-2 pounds is healthy. MORE than than in a week, and you lower your metabolism .. which means that when you stop dieting, you pack it ALL back on PLUS another 10-30 pounds more than before you ever started dieting. That is why is is SO important to NOT lose too fast. Losing 20 pounds SHOULD take you 15-20 weeks at the LEAST. NO joke.

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No but neither is fat or protein.


The carbs most people talk about when saying they are bad or result in weight gain is your breads and starches simple carbohydrates not the complex carbs like fruits and veggies. The really weight gain culprit though is refined sugars.


No sugar is. Sugar increases the production of fat.

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And Ive seen several people melt off weight on a Keto diet... Which is mostly meat and NO carbs/sugar. So what's your point?


no....its calories....simply cutting back on calories will make u lose weight....i still eat every day but i have cut calories dramatically and lost 20 pounds in 4 months


No matter what anyone says about diets, all that matters is calories. Eat fewer calories than your body uses, and it will have to raid its stores for the extra calories. Keep doing that and of course you lose weight. NO joke. Totally serious. All a particular diet can possibly do, whatever the weird and wonderful theory behind it, is make it easier to eat less. If it can do that, it works. Too much food is the enemy!


Sugar, which is a carbohydrate is the enemy, not complex carbs, and perhaps you are also reducing fats and oils which are very calorie dense. Sugar has the same calorie count, 4 per gram as other carbs, but causes craving hence itis so easy to overdo the cals on sweet foods.

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Yes, if you don't exercise and eat too many calories.