Should i eat rice as a vegan?

I know the question might sound stupid, but hear me out for a second. everytime I buy rice, no matter what brand it is.. i put them in an air right container where nothing can possibly go in .. and I store it for a long time, then I discover that there are weevils inside the container! this means that weevils were already inside the grains of rice but they were still "eggs" that didn't hatch yet .. but due to the long storage period, it hatched and it came out from the grains of rice. so basically every time I eat rice i am eating bug eggs. should i stop eating rice as a vegan?


Like it or not, the world we live in is full of tiny living things. And it's impossible to avoid ever harming any of those tiny living things, no matter how much we try. Any food that is non-perishable at room temperature will eventually develop "critters" if you keep it long enough, even keeping it in a tightly sealed container. To minimize the appearance of "critters," put the sealed food container in the freezer for 48 hours once a month. I do this with grains, beans, nuts, flours, cereals, etc. The only foods I know of that don't eventually get "critters" are honey and pasta.


Buy new rice and keep it frozen in Ziploc bags in the freezer. Don't listen to people giving you crap about storing food in the freezer because SOME rice is better than damn weevils. You are gonna throw out weevils and have nothing. Rice that has been frozen is still rice. Do the MATH and it's a no brainer.


Weevil's wobble but they won't fall down.


all grains have weevil eggs in them. eventually they will hatch. even things like ground flours can and will get weevils. If you don't eat rice often enough and have to "store it for a long time" perhaps you are buying it in too large of quantities. Also read the question/answer portion at the end of the article as it also carries great information.


absolutely stop, also stop eating most vegetables as they contain some kind of egg, larvae or bacteria (a living thing).