The MeatHeads in the "diet & fitness” Section are telling me my HIGH CARB Vegetarian diet is bad for me. Is there any truth to the claim?

I burn those carbs up cycling and walking. They are a great source of energy. The carbs are an excellent source of glycoprotein. As a result my protein intake is never low. Ramen is not vegetarian. @Janet, NOT according to my neurologist who thinks i'm in excellent health. @Janet, LMAO!!!!! Vegetables are carbs. Black-eyed peas: 1 cup = 100g carbs Garbanzo beans: 1 cup = 126g carbs Pinto beans: 1 cup = 120g carbs Lima beans: 1 cup = 112g carbs Green peas: 1 cup = 120g carbs Carrot (chopped): 1 cup = 12g carbs Plantains (sliced): 1 cup = 47g carbs @Janet, false cause/association fallacy. Low fiber only causes colon cancer if diet is high fat also and it is one cause of colon cancer not the only cause or primary cause. See, @Janet, I Lost 20lbs & 3" so you are Full of Sh*t. @Janet, WRONG!!!! A vegetarian is a person who does not eat meat. @Janet, you say i'm doing everything wrong but all the medical tests my neurologist do proves otherwise. Should I believe you or the medical evidence? :D


There is a difference between eating Top Ramen with Saltine crackers and eating a lentil and potato soup. You didn't specify what kind of carbs you are eating and we are not clairvoyant.


High carb is okay if you are working it off. but you need so much MORE than carbs. Protein you know about. But you need more than glycoprotein. Vitamins allow chemical reactions TO take place in your body. Carbs rarely have much vitamins. Minerals work with vitamins. Fiber is necessary for digestive health, and to avoid colon cancer. The problem with carbs is that while they ARE a great source of energy, they are also very fattening. Sugars, starches ... corn, potatoes, pasta, rice, etc. Weight loss happens when we burn off more calories than we eat. And the more carbs we eat, the more we MUST burn off those extra calories. The best weight loss diets have protein, dairy, whole grains, fruit, vegetables. Each meal 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs, 1/2 vegetables. But daily calorie intake will be about 600 calories UNDER how many calories it takes to maintain our current weight. You do not need to eat vegetarian. In fact the more we restrict the variety of what we eat, the MORE likely our diet will not give us all that we need. Unless we become nutritional experts and pre-plan our menu.