What is some vegetarian fake meat that doesn't contain soy or lots of wheat and that is healthy for men?

not even bean meat?


google is your friend. See what I found. https://www.peta.org/living/food/guide-soy-gluten-free-meatless-meat/ the article is interesting but if you scroll all the way down you will get to a brand of alternative meats that are made of sunflower seeds.


Quorn is made from mycoprotein not soya


fish, chicken and beef. People in general should not eat that much soy, and you really should not be eating salt and gelatin, the healthy alternative in this situation is natural meat.


doesn't exist. sorry


Quorn, it has a lot of variants, sausage, burgers, chicken pieces [like breasts], ground meat, diced, Its made form mushroom myco protein.

Nibiru: this may help http

this may help http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-food/soy-free-vegan-foods-that-have-more-protein-than-beef/ but in time you may just want to avoid fake meats

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All the fake meat is processed food and should be avoided. The best source of protein for vegetarians are: - soy/tofu - quinoa - legumes eaten with grains (pinto beans with cornbread, lentils with rice, peanut butter on whole wheat bread ... black beans or garbanzo beans with rice ... etc). You need to eat about 5 cups of these, together, every day in order to get your daily protein needs met - nuts (which contain healthy oils and should be eaten .. but if you rely on them for your protein needs, they will be very high-calorie and you will gain weight) - cheese .. which is excellent grated over your beans. But it is high in the wrong kind of fats, and in sodium as well, so don't rely on it exclusively for your protein. - eggs


No such thing!