Why do Americans hate soy?

Soy is soy. Why is there so much propaganda?


Because it tastes like crap.


because it messes up my stomach...

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Sodium for most of us.

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soy is probably close to 100% profit.


Too much soy is unhealthy. That's all. If we hated soy, 99% of our foods would never leave the shelves!


Soy is mostly only sold as a human food after significant manufacturing and processing. It is another government subsidized crop. That alone is good enough reason to believe it is recommended due to economics rather than health reasons. American farmers export soybeans and feed it to livestock, so it has a strong presence in America. We don't eat field corn either. It is made into other products.

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Soy causes estrogen dominance. Its really not good for you


who exactly told you Americans hate soy? AND which Americans would those be? South Americans, Central Americans, Mexican Americans, US Americans or Canadian Americans? We grow a boatload of soy my friend. why would we hate it?? Out of the top ten world producers of soybeans, 6 are in the America's. https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/world-leaders-in-soya-soybean-production-by-country.html


conditioning. I like it, a lot


Causes weight gain when we add it to our American diet.


It tastes bad and has bad effects upon our hormones. PETA dupes feebly deny this.


Soy is good


I blame the dairy industry. The fear of soy replacing cow's milk scares them to death. You probably have seen some of their anti plant milk ads. You might have read about their lobbying and court cases trying to make it so that Plant Milks can't use the word milk. And you probably didn't know it but you have probably heard stuff about medical studies that "show" that soy is bad. Those studies were funded by dairy. But most of the anti soy rhetoric comes from the Mercola Foundation. I'm not sure what is up with those guys but the have been debunked by almost everyone. I suppose they are heavily funded by diary.


Do you mean soy SAUCE? In which case it's the high sodium (salt) content. Or soy BEANS? in which case it's the fact that most soy is now genetically modified. FYI Americans don't "hate" soy.


They stop in cafes & order. Then put soy on the rice or food they order. Most do not realize most soy has been spiced here. Some very hot. That is setting out to use. I use soy sauce but even I do not like the way some is spiced. & the very hot ones can kill most Americans & Europeans when ate or used.


We don't


I like soy sauce.


We don't. I buy it in bulk at Costco, which is pretty much middle America in a nutshell.


high salt content


Americans do not hate soy probably just more aware that over consumption of soy for men can mess with our hormones as soy increases estrogen levels. It has also been shown to increase risk of breast cancer.

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people think soy gives you titties


Soy shows up in a lot of things and most people don't know it. Tofu sucks. I can tolerate soy sauce used sparingly.


We don't. However, it's quite high in sodium, which is a problem.


They don't hate soy. Good lord, they put it in everything from salad dressing to crackers to hot chocolate.

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Same reason they hate anything. Ratings by an insane dirtbag on TV or the internet saying that it's bad.

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It's mostly the dairy company making up studies to show that it raises estrogen in men, which has NO proof. Soy milk threatened the dairy company ever since the 80's


They take a small number of research claims and examples which are related to extremes e.g. hormonal changes and effects that could result from excessive soy consumption, and then apply is across the board to all soy consumption. The reason they do this is because they have not been taught logic and critical thinking. As is evident by what they do with soy. Its not just soy though. Americans do this with everything; immigrants, climate change, vegans, Muslims, etc.


Americans are dumb.