Why is there veggie refried beans?

Refried beans doesn't have meat in it. So why is there a veggie version? Did they take out the beans? Because that's stupid. Since it's not meat nor does it come from an animal.

John Maliga

because traditional refried beans are cooked in lard, which is pork fat


Because regular refried beans contain lard.


original refried beans are made with lard...which is fat from a pig.


The beans obviously don't come from an animal but they are often fried in animal products, or have animal products added.


Traditional refried beans are made with lard which is an animal product, vegetarian refried beans are made with a vegetable based lard so they differentiate between the two of them. This is just one product of many where animal products form a part of the production or preparation process. To me it shows that for humans a diet containing both types of food products is optimal.


traditionally it is fried in lard.


Refried beans are often made with lard

Mr. Smartypants

If you ever go to an authentic Mexican restaurant and the frijoles are just to die for, you can bet they have a ton of bacon fat in them. Lard is traditional in Mexico but here in the US they use bacon fat because it tastes just spectacular with beans. The manufacturers of lard-free canned refried beans put 'VEGETARIAN' on the label in big letters, so vegetarians don't have to fish out their reading glasses to look at the ingredient list.

Steven S

They are not seasoned with any meat products as is many canned beans.


They took out the animal fat, most likely. And then made it more unhealthy by adding man made fats and other ingredients which aren't good for us. The best refried beans are home made, with plenty of bacon grease


It is marketing. They want to make SURE vegetarians notice that beans are not meat. Well .. that their product IS meat-free. Yes, you can buy burritos and such that have refried beans AND ground meat in them. Although the label says this.