Are you scared of roller coasters?

tell your fears or why


Nope, it’s too fun to be scared.

Salman Noorani

I use to ask a kid. But not anymore

Blue nose

I'm not scared of them


I hate the feeling they cause in my gut mostly. I'd do any rollercoaster for a grand probably.


Scared - NO. But I don't consider them all that much fun either. That's why I generally don't ride them.


Not really


No- but I avoid them due to motion sickness

Space Radish

I thought they were fun when I was a kid, but the older I get, the less interested I am in taking a risk, however tiny, for the sake of going really fast for a few seconds.

why would i be scared? it's just like being in a convertible. it doesn't even go as fast as i do in my car...


i nnight be since ive never ridden one, probably too scared to try


a little yes you do know how often people get killed in spectacularly grisly ways on those things, right