Is this realistic?

POLICE OFFICERS: I’m writing a book and there’s a scene where the character goes to county jail where her boyfriend is serving a weekend term for drug possession and she’s breaking up with him. He had smuggled coke into the jail with him over the weekend (it’s a Friday) and he pulls it out when she tries to break up with him to frame her. What would happen then to both of them and is there a way to make this more realistic?


He didn't smuggle ANYTHING past the strip search. At ABSOLUTE MINIMUM, all visits are visually monitored, and in some cases audio is monitored. It isn't even remotely possible to make that scene plausible.


Not remotely realistic. He would have been searched before being arrested. Cavities and all. Many jails have visitors see each other at tables with glass between them and they talk on phone hook ups, meaning no contact of any sort.


They would both be charged with felonies and, no, there is no way to make this plot sound realistic.