Is Disneyland full of noising loud children?

Is it? I like to take trips to get away from all that kind of noise. so would Disneyland be the wrong place for it?


Yes, but much as I resisted going to Disneyland I actually enjoyed it when I was there.

Karen L



Disneyland should be paying tourist for wasting their time. The place is a giant rip off

Memelord Prime

Even without crowds, Disneyland is not a quiet place. There's ambient music and sounds from the rides just about everywhere in addition to the general sound of activity throughout the park. Thankfully, I don't think shrieking children are as much of an issue as you'd think. It's not like Chuck. E. Cheese or something where kids just run around unsupervised. It's busy enough and large enough that people can't just let their children run off on their own.


It is the right place to get away from $200 There are certainly screaming children (and adults) on some of the rides. It is a fantastic place to visit.




LOL - of course it is. If you need quiet time, Disneyland IS NOT the place to go.