Should I ride Disneyland s Radiator Springs Ride? (I do not like rollercoasters!)?

I m going to Disneyland soon and have been debating whether I should go on this ride. Now, I m a HUGE scaredy cat when it comes to rides. I don t like dark rides and drops/g forces. I can t even handle Pirates of the Caribbean, but should I try this ride? Are the dips big? I would appreciate a reply!


This isn't a Roller Coaster and at no time are you "coasting". The beginning is basically a slow drive through the scenery and scenes. The "speed" section is just that speed with the biggest "drop" being a couple of "dips" of a few feet. You will be find and should go on it.

Question asker

FOMO, You will wish you rode it if you don't. Just do it, It's safe, You may even find it fun and life is short. JUST DO IT :). Also, Imagine all the people which would love to be you when riding it.

Starr Estrella

The dips are baby dips. The ride does go fast. It’s a fun ride. I think you will be fine doesn’t hurt to try it out :) it’s not like a roller coaster. It goes fast in the end but a fun fast.