Why are some adults going to children play parks that are meant for younger people like disneyland?

grow up, pathetic. if you don't have any children why would you go there? shaking my head.


The only pathetic thing here is your post.


The only pathetic thing here is your post.


If you don't like it, don't go. I don't know why it matters to you. A lot of the rides are fun for kids and adults, and a lot of adults enjoy the atmosphere of the Disney parks. No harm in that - not hurting them, not hurting you, not hurting anyone else.


You are wrong in saying Disneyland was built for only kids. If you don’t like it don’t go. Why would you care if others find it fun?


Because adults like to have fun too, jesus. Sounds like you're the one who needs to grow up since you can't even let people enjoy things without judging them. Literally what difference does it make to you how other people spend their free time and money? Besides, theme parks aren't just for children, and Disneyland especially was meant to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages per Walt Disney himself. Signed, a current Disneyland Cast Member (who's also worked at Universal Orlando, Seaworld Orlando, and Disney World).


Could be Nostalgia feels? I never liked Disneyland lol the lines are insane. I'd rather not go if i get invited.


LOL - What do you do for fun, sit home & read the Wall Street Journal?? You must be the life of any party. I'm not aware that Walt Disney ever meant for his park(s) to be for children only. The very 1st fairs & festivals were originally for adults to get away from their humdrum lives, and enjoy themselves. At least for a little bit.


Maybe they went there as a younger person & had a great time there & they want to have even more great times.


To take their kids. Besides I like Disney. It’s not just for kids.