Chess Grandmasters I don't understand this position after Kh8 the position goes from equal to +3.7?

Engine play after Kh8 is Rxa8 Qxa8 dxe5 d5 exd5 cxd5 Nxb5 Ba6 Evaluation +3.5


I think you are paying too much importance to the computer analysis of your games. What seems to be happening is Black is losing the pawn battle in the centre. White ends up with extra pawns and a control of the centre, according to the computer analysis and based on best play. The problem is that best play is not something that comes up often over the board among amateurs. (Especially in blitz!). The other problem is that as a learning tool, it has limitations. There are many other possibilities than the line given by the computer and many of them are interesting. The simple problem with this position is that your e-pawn was insufficiently protected and your move lost the initiative. (You obviously HAVE to take back the rook). There were too many important things going on in the centre you couldn't afford to ignore. Kh8 is not a blunder in the sense that it places you in a bad position. It's just that you were ignoring more important stuff that was going on and required your attention. Preparing the push of the f pawn was not a BAD idea as such, it was just the wrong idea at this particular moment. The simple exchange exd (instead of Kh8) would have broken off the tension and solved most of your problems. I think d5 is also interesting. As for computer analysis and paying too much attention to the numbers, be careful... chess is not understood one move at a time. Chess is about plans.