Has anyone ever successfully used en passant in chess?



While it rarely presents itself in normal gameplay, I have utilized the "en passant" in both tournament & casual play. It's not something that you run into normally, you can set it up... assuming your opponent goes for it..

Chris Ancor

Millions. It is a completely legal & common Chess move.


Yes, I have.

L. E. Gant

I've used it properly, and won. And used it properly and lost. So, what do you mean successfully?


yes I have but I don't actually know where it is I always assume that the farest my soldier went I could use it and sometimes it happens


No, I wouldn't know how. But happens to couple of times.


Yes, several times. I was playing with my flatmate a couple of years ago and he was actually unaware of the move. The en passant move means that if your pawn is on your fifth rank, and your opponent moves a pawn from the starting square moving two steps forward to end up besides you, he can't avoid being captured. it's just the same outcome as if he had only moved one square forward. Have a look at this "Checkmate in One Move" puzzle which is relevant to your question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D_gZyinQi8