What's wrong with a 1 minute + 30 second increment time control in chess instead of so much bullet blitz and flagging?

A 30 or 45 second increment is the perfect amount of time. Never run out of time but also not too slow. I've had many 30 minute matches ruined in the end because of no increment.

Chris Ancor

It is not Classic Chess & I have never played that variant.


Besides going at "LIGHTNING SPEED" for chess (which has a general time control of 10 seconds PER MOVE, it does note time controls of 1 minute or less), your "increment unit" is a bit excessive & lacks a noted method (Delay, Bronstein, Fischer) as well. Considering that tournament typically have an adjustment for digital-delay clocks, which is generally 5 minutes deducted for a 5-second / turn delay. This generally suggests that a game would be completed within 60 turns. This means that your game would effective be up to 31 minutes with the Fischer Delay (as any unused increment time gets added to your clock. Bronstein & Delay methods won't allow you to exceed your initial time). The biggest issue with your noted time controls is that it's somewhat deceptive to the type of expected gameplay, which is how games are generally rated & how people search for games. You're better off going with a time control of "Game / 25 + 5s Delay" (effectively "Game / 30" without the delay) as it provides a more accurate listing, which will likely get more competitors.