What board/card games do YOU like to play with friends?

I ve been looking to try new games to play! We play things like monopoly, exploding kittens, settlers of catan, werewolf etc. Please don t feel limited to just board/card games! Any games, but no video games!

Thomas S: I highly recommend

I highly recommend: Splendor - It's light enough to be easy to learn, but deep enough for some real strategy to form. Love Letter - if you don't play it already, is an awesome deduction game of card counting and elimination. Coup - similar to Love Letter, but with more bluffing and a more cut-throat theme. Sushi Go - (Get party edition if you can) is a game of set-building with a very cute theme. Plays up to eight people! 7 Wonders - Another set-building game, but with more player interaction.

Tad Dubious

Backgammon. It is ancient, classic, fast moving, and easy to learn.


It reallly depends on the flavor of games they like. Lighter ones I play are: Thurn & Taxis - Simple, a little more depth and less random than Ticket to Ride Small World - Way easier to play than Risk, and shorter, with a great theme. Jump Drive - Settle the galaxy, earn the most points. Sushi Go Party - Basic set collection. For Sale - Really simple Auction style game. Saboteur - Probably my favorite, digging for gold and trying to figure out who's the traitor! The heaver end would be: Above & Below - A city building game with some light role playing to it. Dominion - A deck building game, trying to buy the most points by the end of the game. Race For the Galaxy - The full version of Jump Drive, and my favorite game for... 6? Years now? 7 Wonders - Card Drafting game where you build up an ancient city.




Trivial pursuit


Games that I've played with friends & family that tends to work well are... * Ticket to Ride + 1910 Expansion -- The expansion set has larger cards (compared to the ones originally included), but it also adds more variations to enjoy, although I typically stick to the "Mega" variation (which is a "kitchen sink" option) out of laziness. * Qwirkle * Fluxx -- There's various versions of the game, which does add their own twists (beyond the base version). Great game for pick-up games (as players can drop in at any time) * Fiasco -- An acting-heavy, 3-act (2 main acts + an Aftermath Epilogue) RPG that somewhat simulates a Coen Brother's movie (Fargo, Burn After Reading, ect.). Dice are only rolled for the aftermath, so it's great for improvisers. * Red Dragon Inn -- One game that has multiple sets that you can mix & match. * Forbidden Island / Desert -- Some fairly quick Co-op strategy games * Dixit * Elder Signs * Tsuro / or the Seas -- Quick tile-placing game that's good for up to 8 players * Small World -- A bit more complex than Risk (in terms of game mechanics), but also a shorter game. This isn't an exhaustive list, but it should give you some game ideas to try out.


Trivial Pursuit


Uno Risk Balderdash