What happens in monopoly when the last two players go bankrupt at the same time?



That is a statistical anomaly, since it means players aren't paying attention to the game AND BOTH PLAYERS MUST OWE FUNDS TO THE BANK for this happen... Upon reflection of the rules, it may seem possible but highly improbable... but the order to debt resolution would make it impossible for BOTH players to go bankrupt at the EXACT same time. *** FIRST THE RELEVANT RULES *** In order to properly declare bankruptcy, a player must have a debt exceeds all liquidable assets (which includes the mortgage values for all properties NOT YET mortgaged)... which would likely require a notepad & pencil as well as a calculator to properly tally (as the mortgage state of all properties are frozen at the time the debt is incurred when declaring bankruptcy). HOWEVER, players may elect to declare bankruptcy without doing the calculations if they wish, even if they could cover the debt in question. While players can ATTEMPT to skip out on paying rent to another player (as the rules states rent debts become uncollectable after 2 players have started their turn... In a 4-player game, any rent Player A owes become uncollectable once Player C starts their turn by rolling their dice). HOWEVER, Bank debts MUST BE PAID IMMEDIATELY & cannot be evaded. *** NEXT, THE SCENARIO *** Here's how the scenario would play out where BOTH players are in dire straights... * All properties are owned by all players & split relatively evenly between them. * Player A has no buildings, all properties are mortgaged & practically no money. * Player B has no buildings, only 1 property unmortgaged & practically no money. How things happen would... 1) Player A lands on the only property Player B can collect rent on that exceeds their on-hand funds... but Player A doesn't mention it & Player B doesn't notice it. 2) Player B lands on a space (without passing GO) that incurs a debt to the Bank (like Jail Fine, Income Tax, or something from Community Chest... like school tax or hospital bill), triggering their Bankruptcy Evaluation. 3) Player B notices Player A is on their unmortgaged property & requests the rent owed to them. This would trigger the Bankruptcy Evaluation for Player A. *** THE RESOLUTION *** The debt resolution would happen as such. Player A's debt (to Player B) would have to be resolved FIRST, as that was originally occurred BEFORE Player B's debt occurred... although Player B did not immediately request it's resolution (& was still within the 2-turn limit to request it since Player B has yet to finish their turn, preventing Player A from starting their turn to close that window). Since Player A doesn't have the funds or any liquidable assets to settle the debt, they would have to declare Bankruptcy to Player B. As Player A would be eliminated from the game at that time, Player B would effectively become the winner being the last player standing... but let's play this out from here (for the sake of completion).... After Player B receives all the assets of Player A, which incurs EXTRA DEBT to the bank as Player A would have to pay the 10% interest on each mortgaged property they received. Considering that Player B is already in an Bankruptcy Evaluation, would be go bankrupt in the process (as they would have to mortgage their only remaining property to cover some of the interest payments, but wouldn't be able to cover everything). While both players would go bankrupt on the same turn, Player B would practically have an "Empty Win" since they're only winning by the coincidence of the resolution of events.


that cannot happen. the closest that could happen is if a player gets the community or chance card which says collect $ from each player, and more than one player has <10 dollars

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A draw


How can that happen?