Do ouja boards really work?

Ive seen videos of people using ouja boards and they even have the ouja board app. The people could be over exaggerating though. Idk. What y'all think?

Weasel McWeasel

they sell them in K-mart, , in pink, for little girls slumber parties, for $12.99. Do you really think you can summon the Underworld for $12.99 ?


Ouija boards are not magic.The human subconscious makes Ouija boards work


Nope, it's a myth. Youtubers do it all for jokes.


Every time I have inquired about this game I would get...Stay away from this game, but when asked about what happened to make them feel this way they never answer. I doubt there is really anything to this game with spirits being involved. Either that or you have to be some sort of medium to actually make it work. I think they are exaggerating too.



Robert J

I have been there, it does work, seen it with my own eyes. A buddy and I dabbled in it and it answered questions neither one of us could possibly know. Eventually you get drawn into the dark side, it was horrible. I will never go there again. Burnt the board and slowly got my life back. Don t listen to any other explanation.


I've never told anybody this, but I'm a demon that possessed this body. I'm not positive as the process is a little disorienting, but I did see an ouja board lyng around when I came to. If you want to offer your body to one of my brothers than feel free.