Is there really such a thing as three level chess?



There are a few Chess variants played on three levels. In Star Trek (original) we see that Chess had evolved into a three dimensional game, with three main boards (although it also has four smaller "attack boards"). This game has subsequently been called Tri-Dimensional Chess (or Tri-D Chess). If you don't count the attack boards it is a 3 level game. Gary Gygax (a major contributor to Dungeons & Dragons) created a three-level game called Dragonchess (not to be confused with Dragon Chess; note that Gygax's game name is just one word). The three levels represent the sky, the ground and the underworld. There are other three-dimensional boards & chess games. But they are all quite recent inventions. And most of these newer variants don't have a large following.


There is such a thing a 3D Chess. "Millennium 3D Chess" (as it's officially called online via Wikipedia) is played on a three-tiered chess board. Black starts on the top level while White starts on the bottom level. Piece movements practically remain the same, but you have the 3rd Dimension to consider with movement. * Pawns still move straight & capture diagonally, but can move up/down from their respective starting level. White pawns must reach the 8th row on the top level & Black pawns must reach the 1st row on the bottom level to get promoted. * Rooks, Bishops & Queen can jump between levels, but their movement is restricted to one square per level (going from the top to the bottom level or vice versa, you can move two square from your position. If you're from the Top or Bottom to the Middle level or vice versa, you can move only one square from your position, IF you chose to move) on the diagonal when changing levels. * King can move one level + square (per the norm). * Knights still move in an L-shape, but could move one level & then 2 space in any of the cardinal directions OR move 2 levels & then 1 space in any of the cardinal directions (to comply with the L-shape movement). There are other variations of 3D Chess, as traditional variation would involve 8 levels (to provide a perfect cube), but the movements would be similar (with the Rook, Bishop & Queen's cross-level movements extended further). Hope this helps!






Yes there is. Its based on the version played in Star Trek.