When you play 5 min chess game?

does the elo change which time is set for normal elo like my elo was 1100 in 10 min and more like 1030 in 5 min which more accurate


For rating purposes, time control plays a factor... Ratings are generally split between "Standard" (typically 30+ Minutes), "Quick" (15-30 minutes), "Speed" (10-15 minutes), "Blitz" (5-10 minutes) & "Lightning" (Under 5 minutes). The reason behind the split is that time controls affect the amount of contemplation & eventual skill at certain time ranges. A player that is rated highly under Standard time controls might have a lower rating under Blitz time control (as they may not be able to think well quickly). Therefore, your 1100 rating in "Speed Chess" cannot be accurately compared to your 1030 rating in "Blitz Chess". HOWEVER, with these two ratings, it suggests you perform better with more time to contemplate your moves. I'm speculating that your rating for "Lightning Chess" would like be lower compared to your "Blitz Chess" rating (looking at roughly 960) & your "Quick Chess" rating would likely be be higher compared to your "Speed Chess" rating (looking at roughly 1170). Please be aware that the noted ratings are PURE SPECULATION based on two data points & going with linear extrapolation. It's also hard to say how many games were played to establish these ratings. For "Official Ratings" under ELO, you need to have 30 rated games under your belt (you're in "Provisional Ratings" before that threshold). For online ratings, many (including games outside of Chess, like Splatoon 2) have elected to run on the Glicko Rating system which includes a "Rating Deviation" (RD) figure to determine the confidence level of the rating (as your actual rating with a 95% confidence will within 2 deviations). So if your rating is 1500 & your RD is 50... your actual rating is between 1400 - 1600. The Rating Deviation decreases as play rated games, but increases over time & inactivity. Under this system, for your rating to be "official" on the Free Internet Chess Server, your RD must remain at 80 OR LOWER. Players who never hit the target RD is considered "Provisional" (as you're trying to establish your rating) & those who reach the target RD, but later fall outside this target is considered "Estimated" (as it was accurate at one time, but no longer). Hope this sheds light on the subject.