Why when I play chess with time controls such as 15/10, 30/0, 5/5 I'm always running out of time with opponents rated 1300 or less?

But than I play 1 minute + 30 second increment. And since I don't run out of time I defeated an 1800 who was playing faster than me.

Chris Ancor

You played too slow.


Some players are better at blitz than others. It tends to follow, but not always. In slower games, you need deeper knowledge; one-two sucker punches won't cut it. Blitz tend to favor players who have quick pattern recognition skills. Slower games tend to favor players with a deeper knowledge of the strategic aspects of the game.

I Love Pigeons and Hate People

Even 45/0 I run out of time. Against computer I play fast. Against people I think too much and lose on time.