Does 50 cent bets pay better than 10 cent bets on slots?



Usually, but not always, bigger bets have a higher payout percentage that lower bets. There are two reasons this is true. (1) The costs associated with slot machine (purchase price, electricity and maintenance) are the same for a slot machine regardless of the size of bets made on the machine. So, for example, to cover $100 of the expenses a machine has to keep one $100 pet, 100 $1 bets, 200 $0.50 bets or 1,000 $0.10 bets. (2) Some machines adjust the symbols on the reels depending upon the amount bet, putting more good symbols on the reals with higher bets. Some states require casinos to report payback percentages on their slot machines by denomination. For example, in Connecticut here are the payback percentages by denomination, from 1¢ to $100. 1¢ 89.88 2¢ 91.57 5¢ 90.58 25¢ 91.95 50¢ 90.16 $1.00 93.45 $5.00 94.08 $10.00 95.11 $25.00 96.16 $100.00 96.76 So, if you just go by payout percentages larger bets are better. You are more likely to come out ahead making larger bets. On the other hand, you are more likely to lose more making larger bets. If you make ten bets at $100 your average return would be $967.76, for am average loss of $32.24 and a maximum loss of $1,000, while if you make ten bets at 1¢ your average return would be 9¢, for an average loss of 1¢ and a maximum loss of 10¢.


Its a 50/50 chance honestly


Not necessarily. I have often done better playing a minimum bet. Everyone who says 'only play maximum' is dead wrong.

Jay P

Are you asking about playing on a 10 cent machine versus a 50 cent machine or the same machine but at 5 times the value?

Your Uncle Dodge!

All machines have the same payout percentages in any one casino. A 50-cent bet is merely suggesting a big payout is 5 times more imminent sooner than later.