How do I become a Pro Gambler & make millions online?

This is my dream. Make Money have fun risk it all. Life is too mundane. I have no knowledge in anything not even poker. But I just want to start. I have about $100


Nobody can become a "professional" gambler. That's like asking how to be a "functioning" alcoholic or a "healthy" smoker. All of those are oxymorons because they don't exist. Gambling is a social pastime if you bet wisely and know when to stop but gambling will NEVER be a source of income! Sure, you might get on a winning streak and double your money for a while. But there WILL be a time where you risk it all and lose it all! The only "professional" gambler is the one who stops after they win and learns how to keep their gambling under control.


You don't. The only ones that make money consistently are poker players, but you don't seem to want to do that, you want to have fun and risk it all. So sign up for a casino, and risk your $100 on something. Have fun. If you win, do it again. Worst case, you are out $100.

Jay P

It's not impossible but it is highly improbable. Odds are you will lose money, not make it...


of what kind of games do you mean


then search for tutorials on google or youtube and you will have several options


Just be prepared when you risk it all it can come down and ruin your life


practice and patience, play online and learn quicker


Read the book 'Molly's Game.' Follow her example. Sell your book and rights to the movie of the same name. Voila.


I'd recommend just spending it on a hand of Black Jack at the Casino. Gambling online seems simple, but most just lose their money right away.